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About us

A Dream Cinema?


Imagine a beach. Twilight approaches. Orange sun just above the horizon. Soft wind caresses the skin; sand releases the day gathered heat.

You sit back in an all-embracing deckchair. ‘Titanic’ – the Hollywood blockbuster – is on the big screen right in front of you. You’ve seen it more than a thousand times and you know it by heart but today it feels different… roaring waves are your soundtrack. The air trembles. The landscape lends wings to your imagination. 

You turn and look at the sea. You see a ship afar off – and you suddenly become certain it is the Titanic itself – the very steamship from the film. Your eyes squint, trying to see the famous pair of lovers on the deck. And you don’t know anymore if it is the film that has just become the reality, or the reality has become the film. Indeed – this is an outdoor cinema – the cinema under the stars. 



There are many possibilities – this has been just one of them.


Outdoor Cinema – we give you more than just modern technology. We give you a possibility of experiencing a movie the way you want and where you want. It is you who decides where the cinema of your dreams will be!


Outdoor Cinema – technology serves imagination






Welcome to the Latest Generation of the Multimedia World!



Outdoor Cinema is a company specializing in the organization of outdoor audiovisual events and modern mobile advertising. We are the official representatives of the global company AIRSCREEN®. 

We use technologies developed by the unchallenged leaders in the audiovisual industry. Years of experience, established connections and close cooperation with the best in the industry have resulted in all our projects being of the highest quality. 

Our strength lies in an impressive equipment infrastructure. With AIRSCREEN® inflatable projection screens, mobile projection screen systems and professional sound systems we can create a vibrant multimedia event wherever you wish. 

A horror movie season in a medieval castle, World Championship games broadcast directly on to city streets, a concert clearly visible from long distances - an intriguing advertisement in most curious locations or the latest blockbuster show – we awaken real emotions everywhere, without limits. 

Inflatable screens can be mounted almost anywhere. They are unbelievably mobile and have a neutral effect on the natural environment. We offer a variety of screen sizes – from small (6m x 3.5m) to gigantic ( 30m x 15m) - like a six-storey building!  

Film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Berlin are without any doubt technically impressive and elegant events. Outdoor Cinema uses the same technology employed at these festivals. 

Nothing is impossible for us! Regardless of the order size – whether it is a sports broadcast to thousands of people, a concert by a famous musician or a movie show just for two – we approach each project with the same passion. All you need is some open space – and leave the rest to us. We will take care of everything - from concept and planning through to transport, installation and production.


Outdoor Cinema – we know how to make a real show
Here are ten reasons why Outdoor Cinema is your best choice:
1. We are professionals. With our help - your project will definitely be successful.
2. We don’t compromise on equipment. We are only interested in providing the best quality of image and sound. 
3. We can organize an event wherever you wish. - in the middle of a lake, on a mountain top, deep in a forest or on a desert island! 
4. We can make your event even more attractive by providing any further services that you might want. You just leave it all to us – we will see to literally every detail.
5. We will support you with advice. We will help in selecting suitable repertoire, facilitate contacts with the film industry, help with getting a license granted for each movie and we can invite movie stars and people from the industry. 
6. Punctuality is our motto. We carefully observe the screening schedule. 
7. We will help in the publicity of your event. We will plan and prepare your publicity campaign, using national and local media. 
8. We will make your event look like the Academy Awards! We can provide red carpets, special lighting, flowers, elegant chairs, deckchairs – whatever you want.  
9. We have a long list of recommendations from past clients. 
10. We simply love what we do!